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Amanda. I'm a 5'1" kitten and I'm clawing my way up from hell.

Hit a new lowest weight this morning.. Yay?



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Insomnia is so bad

When people think weight-restored = mentally restored




Words you do not see on this list: fat, obese, chubby, disgusting, overweight, hefty.
You guys, when someone says you look healthy it does not mean you look fat!! I promise. I really do.
In my experience, when people would tell me I looked healthier, I would ask them why or how. Top answers:
Your skin doesn’t look discoloured anymore
Your hair looks better
Your eyes don’t look like they’re sinking in
You aren’t shaking
You can walk without having to stop
You have fewer cracks in your skin
You have fewer bruises
Never once did anyone say cause you have gained a lot of weight or because you are fatter.
Healthy is not synonymous with fat, loves. I promise.
I am not broken
But I am still breakable.
Let me know
I still matter
When I’m not at
Death’s door.

M.S. (via coffee-crinkled-pages)

Random side note my OCD has been flaring up with a vengeance :/

Anonymous said: Think of the weight you've regained as a sweater that you never have to take off. Sound boring? There's more! Not only does this magical sweater keep you warm and cozy in the winter and autumn months, but it also keeps you happy and healthy. What a damn cool sweater that is! (:


this is so lovely, oh my god. this is the best! reason to recover number #2234 WARMTH! that you my little baby bubbles of fat for keeping me warm :) x


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